Monday, August 22, 2011

Wang Wrote to Mao to Quit Youth League

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August 18 marked the 45th anniversary of China's
"Great Cultural Revolution."
Wang Rongfeng, who once wrote to Mao Zedong at the age of
19 to quit the Communist Youth League.
In retrospect, she said that the cultural revolution was
an absurd "horror show" staged by state violence
in conjunction with adolescent violence
to smash the Chinese society.

On Sept. 24, 1966, one month after the onset of
"cultural revolution,"Wang Rongfeng,
a senior at Beijing College of Foreign Languages, wrote to Mao,
"Please think in the name of Chinese people,
where will you lead China to?"
The "Cultural Revolution" is not a mass movement,
but one person moving the masses with a gun.
I solemnly declare to withdraw from the Chinese
Communist Youth League from this day.

Currently living in Germany, Wang, in her 60's told NTD that

45 years ago, on August 18, ... More

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