Thursday, September 12, 2013

Israel welcomes only Jewish refugees - World Bulletin

15:16, 10 September 2013 Tuesday
Israel welcomes only Jewish refugees

Israel announced a new campaign to rid the country of non-Jewish asylum seekers who fled atrocities in Sudan and Eritrea, Jarusalem Post reports 

The Israeli Government announced a campaign to rid the country of non-Jewish asylum seekers who fled atrocities in Sudan and Eritrea, allegedly bartering them to Uganda for arms and agricultural technology, according to Jerusalem Post report.
The government is turning its back on non- Jews seeking refuge from persecution, report says.
According to the report, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said, “I am proud that as prime minister, beginning in my first term, I upheld the Zionist and Jewish imperative of bringing to Israel our brothers and sisters from Ethiopia. I see this as a moral obligation,” but earlier Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar announced the government’s plans to pressure tens of thousands of migrants from Sudan and Eritrea to voluntarily leave the country.
The government will continue to confine migrants in internment camps in the Negev desert and impose financial constraints on all Sudanese and Eritrean migrants to embitter their lives until they go.
There are approximately 55,000 African asylum seekers in Israel. Nearly all of them are from Sudan or Eritrea. Thousands of these individuals were kidnapped and held for ransom in the Sinai desert and subjected to torture and rape before they reached Israel. Since June 2012, all African asylum seekers that continued to trickle into Israel, including the trafficking, torture, and rape victims, have been automatically incarcerated for a minimum of three years without even a trial.
"Israel must end its discrimination against non- Jewish asylum seekers, uphold its legal obligations, and stop returning refugees to dangerous situations without allowing them to have their legal claim for asylum heard and evaluated" report stated.

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